Pandora Region is a region and the principal setting of Light Platinum. Pandora is high-tech & full of anicent ruins. Pandora consists on a huge mainland and several islands with there neighboring southern region of the Palutena Region and the eastern region of the Viridi Region.



Julstar IslandsEdit


Pandora holds it every own two languages: Alpha & Beta. Many temple were made for wealthy citizens of the region. All Legendarys were working with the Guardians of Life. Guardia Town holds the Guardian Festival and the Guardian Flim Festival to honor the Guardians of Life and made and settled in Guardia Town. But a castatraphy happen in the region. The Dark Guardian rose from an island in the region and attack the mainland, destroying all the temple and leaving them in ruins. The Guardians of Life struggled to defeat the Dark Guardian. However, the Guardians use the Legendaries power for good to defeat the Dark Guardian and send him to ashes. Some Alpha and Beta languages are on pedestains in varity places in Pandora.


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